Simple Tips, Smart Ideas Podcast

If you run a micro business, are a freelancer or have a side hustle, this podcast is for you.

Each episode is filled with simple advice, easy takeaways and ideas to help you grow your business. And finishes with a key tip.I’ve kept them short because if you run your own tiny business – you’re probably pressed for time. So 3-8 minutes for a bite-sized idea or two before you get on with your day.

I’m covering some big themes, a raft of ways to earn new revenues, suggestions on how to think about customers – all sorts. Plus a case study or two illustrating how to put the thinking into practice. It’s not rocket science but smart and inventive thinking.

The podcast is based on content from my book Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business.

To listen, click on each episode below and it will link you through to the Apple podcast platform.

Episode 1 : Using the unique story of your life, past clients and skills to build your business

Episode 2 : What are your Passions, your Skills and your Talents? And how can they play into your business growth?

Episode 3 : Do you understand what you are really selling? Are you selling a product or its benefits?

Episode 4 : How to use our simple CAKE analogy to help you innovate – whether you are a business or a freelancer

Episode 5 : Listing the five things people buy to help you identify where you could generate new revenues

Episode 6 : A quick whizz round IP (intellectual property) to give you an overview