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Erica is a business & innovation expert passionate about helping smaller companies grow

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When it comes to business, Erica Wolfe-Murray is a force to be reckoned with.
— Female First


Having supported herself since she was 16, Erica knows how tough working either as a freelancer or a small business owner can be.

You have to be a business winner, marketing expert, money manager, be able to update your website whilst remembering to empty the bins and ensure there is enough loo paper. But throughout this – there can be great joy, a sense of freedom at being your own boss. Erica’s life had certainly been full of both.



Having worked with over 250 companies in the last six years alone, Erica has distilled this wealth of experience into two books for freelancers, micro and small business owners. The aim is to provide practical advice that you can act on today or tomorrow. Available in paperback or as a digital download.

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Erica is a leading business and innovation expert.
— Forbes.com
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Events & Media

Erica is often invited to speak at conferences & markets, or to host workshops & events for companies.

Additionally many digital and print publications who are interested in SMEs and micro companies ask her to comment or write articles. If you would like to contact Erica about an event or some content, please get in touch.