How to make money on your lunch-break

If you’re saving for something special, or your regular pay packet just doesn’t bring in enough cash – earning money in your lunch-hour might be a great idea, but is it possible? What could you turn your hand to? Erica Wolfe-Murray, one of the UK’s leading innovation and business experts shares her ideas for some easy wins…

20-min lessons

Could you run a 20-minute lesson for your work colleagues? Maybe you’re fluent in a language, are a brilliant baker, are a high-level gamer, know how to strip back and service a bike… All these skills and many more have value but can be taught in quick sessions to several people at once. If you are earning a few pounds from each it soon adds up. And if others want to offer their skills, could you create and manage a workplace skills market?

Trade on the internet

If you’ve got access to a computer – can you buy and sell on Ebay or a similar platform? Visit car boots sales, charity shops etc at the weekends, then use your lunch-hour to upload, and manage your site. Or perhaps your colleagues have bric-a-brac or clothes they want to sell – you could take a small commission for selling on their behalf.

Write that book

If you’ve got a burning desire to write a book, you don’t need to sit down for hours on end, you need short quick bursts of creativity consistently day in, day out, week in, week out. What better than your lunch-hour? Find yourself a quiet corner, make a plan and face that white page.

Build a blog/vlog, find your audience

It’s never been easier to create content for the internet. If you want to share your passion, More…